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How to get TOP Dollar for your Business

How to get TOP Dollar for your Business

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About This Course 

Course Description

Did you know that most people LOSE when they sell their business. I'm here to help you! My course will show you how to make simple changes to your operation that will greatly and immediately increase value. I'm providing extensive video instruction (8.5hours), along with 177 pages of reference materials, resources and checklists. This is insider information that you cannot get anywhere else.

What are the requirements?

  • You will need to setup a Gmail account, and we'll walk you through that.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Maximize the value of their existing business, and be able to command a higher price for it.
  • Make operational changes that make the business easier to run, with far fewer hours.
  • Understand exactly what a sophisticated business buyer is looking for.
  • Avoid big, expensive mistakes in dealing with the sale of a business.

What is the target audience?

  • This course is for ANY business owner that is considering selling their business. This course should be your FIRST step, before you talk to anybody, or do anything about selling your business.
  • Even if you don't want to sell your business, the strategies and information in this course will help you to create a smooth, easy and highly profitable operation.

Course Intro Video


  1. So you know exactly what each section is going to cover, that way if you need to skip to a specific topic, you can do so. OR, you can follow along through the entire course.
  2. Evict the skeletons-don't blow up your deal at the last minute

  3. The numbers that matter in your business

  4. Getting to the numbers

  5. Record keeping is MORE than just taxes-why it's so important

  6. Getting the books done. Is it impossible?

  7. The power and profit of being professional

  8. How is your online presence?

  9. Physical locations?

  10. Why run a background check on EVERYBODY.

  11. Record everything and everybody

  12. Using the tools of Google

  13. How to shoot, upload and display a video

  14. Mangement software

  15. Disclose everything, especially your rates and fees.

  16. Collections- Always try and be the nice guy.

  17. Collections-But always be firm and mean what you say.

  18. How to find talented people.

  19. Should you have store managers and cross-training your staff?

  20. A quiet, boring location is a disaster waiting to happen.

  21. Employee supervision, training and motivation -Why should you supervise.

  22. Employee supervision, training and motivation - Fire quickly, eagerly.

  23. Employee supervision, training and motivation -establishing standards

  24. Employee supervision, training and motivation -enforcing standards

  25. Employee supervision, training and motivation -Keeping them motivated

  26. How to do a mailing.

  27. Facts about marketing tools and methods.

    Facts about marketing tools and methods.
  28. The magical power of Testimonials

    The magical power of Testimonials.
  29. Client survey samples

  30. A list of questions that I would ask, if I was standing right beside you

  31. Know your customers, and know your numbers

  32. 17 marketing ideas to get your numbers up right now

  33. Website design

  34. Sample letter, asking for referrals

  35. The checklist that a buyer is going to use. So you better be prepared

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